Three plugins that make Gollum convenient with vim

The Zen of Wiki with Gollum - I am alberto

Also usage with Reloadlive is mentioned.

Thinking about adding git watch

nevik/gitwatch - watches directory, auto commits files.

Cloning wiki

How to leave a comment in Markdown

Use HTML syntax:

<!-- commennt -->
<!--- comment which is completely ignored in pandoc -->

See discussion in Pandoc group.

Running on localhost

To run a wiki just use script below.

Update wiki on remote host

In cron:

cd PATH_TO/wiki_repo; ./ >/dev/null 2>&1 script is stored in my wiki repo on Github: In the script git pull the repo and checks if it was updated and updates if necessary with gollum-site. Output is sent to /dev/null so that email is not sent.


How to start editing wiki:

rvm use 1.8.7
cd wiki_directory

Browse to http://localhost:4567/

The Gollum wiki documentation may be found on Github.

If using Markdown do not forget to install the corresponding gem:

rvm gem install rdiscount

Find other optional dependencies at

How to start wiki from a bash script file

rvm use 1.8.7
cd /home/user/projects/website/wiki
rvm exec gollum

How to syncronize with a static site with rsync


rvm use 1.8.7
rvm exec "gollum-site generate --base_path=./"
cp _site/Home.html _site/index.html

rsync -av _site/

At the moment I am also syncing /projects and /writings directories, but with a separate syncing script that excludes /wiki directory. Reference how to exclude can be found at:

Generating static files

Main command

Run it when working on wiki

$ gollum-site serve --watch --base_path=./


The base_path option is important if want to serve wiki files from domain like (I've put a symbolic link to my public_html directory)

ln -s /home/username/projects/website/wiki/_site/ wiki

Requires gollum-site. To install:

$ [sudo] [rvm] gem install gollum-site

Import default template:

$ gollum-site import

Using with Apache

I tried to install Passenger and use Gollum with it (followed the links below). No success so far.