Types of location information services

People what to connect to places in various ways. They want to

  • Search
  • Discover
  • Store
  • Announce
  • Follow

Search. This is a most familiar pattern: enter keywords into a search box, get a collection of links corresponding to those keywords. They may be links directly to places or to web pages that may have information about places. Companies that do it: Google, Foursquare, Yandex, 2GIS etc.

Discover. A different pattern, when you provide a service some information, e.g. past check-ins or list of people, and it gives some recommendations. Foursquare does it. Another example: Talking Companion announces places nearby if you give it current location and velocity.

Store. A service to keep and organise links about places. Foursquare has lists, Google Maps allows to save stars.

Announce. People want to share information about places publicly or to closed circles of people they know. Foursquare is the best example.

Follow. One may be interested to get updates from particular places. Now he has to subscribe to places accounts on Twitter and Facebook.