Extract bounding box

bash osmosis \ --read-pbf file=ukraine-latest.osm.pbf \ --bounding-box top=47.9573 left=34.9599 bottom=47.7338 right=35.3876 \ --write-xml file=- \ | bzip2 > zp.osm.bz2

Exercise point / fitness station

I use leisure=fitness_station.

Tag for exercise point - OSM Help


Opening hours



opening_hours=Mo-Su 08:00-18:00; Apr 10-15 off; Jun 08:00-14:00; Aug off; Dec 25 off

Distributed maps

h4ck3rm1k3tng posted a comment to my g+ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6VWEmuYehs


Post on Google+

Waze license violation

Waze explicitly say that they do not use OpenStreetMap.

Clarification for Waze (email)

To be clear the problem is with the data on mobile Android app, so I can give just a link to the area on OpenStreetMap:


Some object names repeat exactly the ones from OpenStreetMap:

  • Фізико-технічний інститут
  • міська лікарня No. 1 <<Вишневского>>
  • Донецька обласна станція переливання крові
  • Залізнична лікарня
  • Донецька обласна клінічна травматологічна лікарня
  • Олімпійський
  • Донбас Арена

This is rather surprising because, for example, on another user-generated map, Wikimapia, there are discrepancies in all the names:


I am not claiming that all Waze data was imported from Openstreetmap, in fact, I see a few places on Waze that are absent from OSM, but for some POI data in Ukraine this import seems to be the case. Could you investigate how this could happen?

I personally make all my contributions to OSM with CC0 license, and would be happy that the data from OSM be used everywhere. I have contacted you mostly because of the explicit statement on your website that OSM data is not used in Waze.

How to open location from JOSM in a browser

Do this to use mapjumper to jump to other services to check what is around.

  • Select an object
  • Ctrl-H to see history of changes
  • Click on link of a changset
  • View area on larger map

Android workflow

  • Export a track with My Tracks.
  • Launch FTP server.
  • Connect to FTP server and get data from /sdcard/My\ Tracks to ~/osm/tracks/yyyymm.
  • Launch josm with java -jar josm-tested.
  • Open the track.


http://mapbox.com/tilemill/docs/source/ - Install from the source

Error installing npm - https://github.com/isaacs/npm/issues/1572

However, the shell needs root rights in order to install stuff. curl http://npmjs.org/install.sh | sudo sh should work.

Instruction for using shapefiles for OSM layers: http://www.kindle-maps.com/blog/using-tilemill-with-openstreetmap-data.html. City shapefiles may be obtained from Coudmade: http://downloads.cloudmade.com/europe/eastern_europe/ukraine/donetsk#downloads_breadcrumbs.

The project is stored in the directory ~/Documents/MapBox/project/donetsk. Layers are added like: layers/donetsk_highway.shp




  • Alt-B - open dialog for setting a tag.
  • F3 - select tags from a list


Public transport in Kharkov http://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?pid=192730 - links for tagging agreement

48 parallel goes through Komsomolski ave. in Donetsk.

Urkaine Roads classifications - discussion on osm forum. Agreement about classification

A question on forum for Ukrainian users about the village Bile where there was a fire mentioned in Washington Post. I found it by zooming to Rivne and searching for Біле (Ukrainian spelling of Bile). Since I do not have Ukrainian keyboard enabled, the fastest way for me to enter Ukrainian letters is to open Yandex.ua and use Ukrainian virtual keyboard via the link at the bottom of the page. I posted the link on forum by using Mapjumper and jumping from OSM to OSM (this way the marker is generated).

User Xmypblu published an interesting post in his OpenStreetMap blog where he described how he mapped a small island based on a photo. The photo was taken from a kite. The island on the map - http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=59.607411&lon=39.574139&zoom=14

Via my Google+. [Darafei Praliaskouski], aka komzpa, (https://plus.google.com/101291029394395748419/posts) made a layer where all "lonely" populated places on OpenStreetMap are mapped, lonely meaning without roads. Check out the link below, assess which roads should be mapped near you (the view is centered on Ukraine, but the coverage is global). http://latlon.org/v/lonely?zoom=6&lat=48.71503&lon=31.16602&layers=BT