============ Mapjumper ============ Updating Chrome Web Store ========== * Visit * Update file. Version number must be updated in manifest.json beforehand. * `/src` directory should be zipped. * Now it requires images for tiles. See discussion below. Promotional image ========== Done with Inkscape. Image of Liverpool restaurant is printscreened Part of corresponding OpenStreetMap is also printscreened. Both are opened with Gimp and small rectangles are copied from them, with dimentions correponding to halves of the required image. Arrow is found by searching in open clipart. Enabling Twitter ========== - call JSON API in popup.html About ======== A note about the project: Bringing `Gamification `__ to OpenStreetMap with Gowalla ------------------------------------------- Editing OpenStreetMap is addictive. Yet, sometimes I just forget to map a place that I wanted to map when I was there. Foursquare brought the concept of check-in to the masses. I personally prefer using Gowalla for such activities. For me it seems more visually appealing. Lately, I was even contributing more places to Gowalla than to OpenStreetMap. This is probably because of the game dynamics that Gowalla is bringing to the process. Also the whole design of OpenStreetMap has larger focus on roads. `Mapjumper `__ is a Chrome extension that allows to easily jump from one mapping service to another. I started building it for jumping from Gowalla places to see what is around them. After some time I found that it is useful for two more purposes: * Adding places to OpenStreetMap. Note, that I am not using the information directly, but only like a reminder for myself so that OSM data stays clean. * Reporting correct coordinates to Gowalla team. For this "LatLng Marker" extension from Google Maps Labs is very useful. To my surprise, Gowalla team is very responsive. In the first version of the extension one could jump only from Gowalla to OpenStreetMap and Wikimapia. Currently, it allows jumping **from** Gowalla, OpenStreetMap, Google Maps **to** Wikimapia, OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, MapQuest Open. This makes it very useful for exploring various locations because different map providers have different advantages. For quick OpenStreetMap editing I prefer using `MapQuest Open `__, because they have Potlatch 2 enabled, and I also like how they show POIs on the map. Please, give me feedback either via `Github issues `__ or via `my twitter `__.
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