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Command + Enter

Type é and ñ on Mac

  • Alt + e e
  • Alt + n n
  • Alt + e i - í
  • Alt + e o - ó
  • Alt + Shift + ? - ¿

Make Command-V to paste with matching style in all apps

Preferences > Keyboard > App Shortcuts > + > Menu Title (Paste and Match Style) > Command-V

Change Startup items

  • System Preferences>Users & Groups.
  • Select your User ID.
  • Select Login Items.
  • Click the lock icon and enter and admin password.
  • Click the + button to select an app from your Applications folder.
  • Or drag app icons across to Startup Items.

Change Open with application for all files of current type

In Finder Cmd+I> Open with > Change All.

Create keyboard shortcuts

Use Automator and create Service "Launch Application"

Wifi disconnecting issue

Go in to your Keychain access - System. Find your wireless network - double click. There are two tabs, Attributes & Access Control. Go into the Access Control and check "allow all applications to access this item".

For El Capitan see


Recommended by Alexander Shapoval

  • Spectacle - align to sides of the screen
  • Growl - notifications

Create shortcut for MacVim in Applications folder

osx - Can I make a symlink (to a .app folder) in Applications directory show up in spotlight? - Ask Different

In the Finder, press Command + Shift + G for 'Go to the Folder'. Type /usr/local/Cellar/macvim/7.3-61/ and press return. Select the file (actually a folder) Press Command + L for 'Make Alias'. Depending on permissions, you may be prompted for an administrator password here.

Press Command + N to create a 'New Finder Window'. Press Command + Shift + A to go to the Applications folder in that window.

Drag the newly created alias from the window in which it was created to the window containing the Applications folder. Rename the alias so it no longer ends in " alias".

Taking screenshots

Cmd + Shift + 4 then press Space. Use 3 for entire desktop.

How to take a screenshot with Mac OS X | iMore

Special characters (symbols)


Change focus in dialog with keyboard

Navigate Mac OS X dialog boxes using only your keyboard | MacYourself

Change settings in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts to 'All Control'.

Press Tab to select. When selected press Space.

Extract album art from m4a files

music - Extract image from a m4a file? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

brew install mp4v2
mp4art --extract mysong.m4a

Allow switching between buttons in mvim dialog

System Preferences --> Keyboard & Mouse --> Keyboard Shortcuts

Turn on full keyboard access for "All controls." Then you'll be able to tab between buttons and use the space bar to confirm your selection.