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Most of the news are related to places. Locovidi is a project to better connect videos to places.

Every minute 35 hours of video are loaded to Youtube. The easier it is to provide detailed information about the videos the easier it will be to find them for interested viewers. Yet, geocoding interfaces for most of the online video providers remain in 2005. Frequently, videos are not filmed in a single location. It makes more sense to "check in" them to all locations as time progresses. This would result in geo-subtitles: when a video is played the map is panning as linked places are reached.

Locovidi helps to connect videos to places.


A howto video explains how to connect videos to places.

The prototype is implemented with Google App Engine and YouTube API.

The present version is just a prototype - many things are to be improved and implemented to make connection of videos to places easier. Various approaches to show places in videos in context are also to be tried.

Some more thoughts about the project may be found in a note from the last year, when the project just started.