[[#moznewslab people|Knight Mozilla learning lab people]] - a list of people organizing, teaching and participating in the lab

Lecture notes

  • Lecture #1
  • Lecture #1 meta notes
  • Lecture #2
  • Lecture #3
  • Lecture #4
  • Lecture #5 - Design thinking and development feat. John Resig, programmer and entrepreneur
  • Lecture #6 - Design thinking and development feat. Jesse James Garrett, user-experience designer
  • Lecture #7 - Shazna Nessa is Director of Interactive at the Associated Press in New York.
  • Lecture #8 - Mohamed Nanabhay, is an internet entrepreneur and Head of Online at Al Jazeera English.
  • Lecture #9 - Oliver Reichenstein is CEO of iA (Information Architects, Inc.), known as “one of the best-known design agencies in the world.”
  • Lecture #10 - Evan Hansen is the Editor In Chief of The Future of Journalism.
  • Lecture #11 - Jeff Jarvis is the author of What Would Google Do? He blogs about media and news at The Future of Journalism.


My proposals

Enrollment Form

I Would Like To Learn

I would like to learn how to promote one's ideas and how to effectively engage people in activities that make useful information accessible to everybody.

Biography and skills

I am a web developer based in Ukraine. My main tools are Python and Javascript.

I am also a promoter of open information ideas. OpenStreetMap is one of my favorite open data projects, for which, in addition to contributing data, I organized and participated in local mapping events and mentored students for Google Summer of Code. I am one of the organizers of monthly barcamp-style event for local developers to exchange ideas and thoughts.

Also, I earned my Ph.D. in Physics, but have made a career shift into web development, since I became more inspired by the idea of making information more accessible for everybody.

I am familiar with all online communication tools mentioned in the enrollment form.