• Tweet (and share in general) album now playing
  • Photo video digest - created only by hand
  • Search real people gigs
  • Podcasts Social Player also belongs here
  • Mapjumper for web - using locograph
  • Mapjumper for Firefox
  • City podcasts read by AI
  • zhart.ua similar to anekdot.ru for self-study of Unkrainian - can be built with commonbase
  • A service that helps to track subtitles of the movies one watches
  • Services similar to Yahoo finance to track cryptocurrencies


  • Markdown Drive Reader
  • Photo Feed, Photo Browser
  • Podcast Radio Feed
  • Podcast Social Player
  • Simple Countdown Starter
  • Turn Off Screen No Ads

Markdown Drive Reader

Allows to show HTML for all Markdown files in some folder on Google Drive.

Photo Feed, Photo Browser

Show just photos. Interface similar to Tinder.

Podcast Radio Feed

Open app and it start playing a feed curated by a person or a group. Curation occurs on the web.

Podcasts Social Player

Share all podcasts that you play.

Simple Countdown Starter

Timer that has a simple button.

Turn Off Screen No Ads

Similar to other turn off screen apps that I've used except it would never have ads or notifications.