Setup SSH keys

$ cd ~/.ssh
$ mkdir key_backup
$ cp id_rsa* key_backup
$ rm id_rsa*
$ ssh-keygen -t rsa -C ""

On the GitHub site Click “Account Settings” > Click “SSH Public Keys” > Click “Add another public key”

Github pages

With custom domain

GitHub Pages allows you to direct a domain name of your choice at your Page.

Let’s say you own the domain name . Furthermore, your GitHub username is “charlie” and you have published a User Page at Now you’d like to load up in your browser and have it show the content from

Start by creating a file named CNAME in the root of your repository. It should contain your domain name like so:

Push this new file up to GitHub. The server will set your pages to be hosted at , and create redirects from and to .

Next, you’ll need to visit your domain registrar or DNS host and add a record for your domain name. For a sub-domain like you would simply create a CNAME record pointing at If you are using a top-level domain like, you must use an A record pointing to Do not use a CNAME record with a top-level domain, it can have adverse side effects on other services like email. Many DNS services will let you set a CNAME on a TLD, even though you shouldn’t. Remember that it may take up to a full day for DNS changes to propagate, so be patient.

Real World Example:

The above also works for project & organization pages, of course.

SSH issue with Ubuntu

ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa


Check the file permissions on your key. If they are too liberal it may be refusing to use the key. Make sure they only have perssion for you (0700).