Future posts

Modifications in past posts

  • about tumblr and 500px - tumblr first, visit from phone, set as a wallpaper, replace image with large scale

Cheklist to do when updating

  • Alignment and styling of images sass/custom/_colors.scss and _styles.scss. When starts with rake preview for some reason it ignores these files. One of them needs to be touched for styles to propagate.
  • Feedburner RSS.
  • Favicon. Search with vimgrep for icon.png. Replace it in that file.
  • CC-by instead of Copyright.
  • Wiki, writings, projects.
  • Click categories. See that the links work and RSSes also work.


  • Github repo with posts
  • Github repo with old posts
  • source template in my-octopress


How to start on localhost

rake preview

How to see the list of rake tasks

rake list -T


alias bl='cd /home/dudarev/projects/blog/octopress_test/source/_posts'
gvim `ls -t | head -n 1`

To start editing on a new machine

Removing line numbers in Octopress

Edit file



Custom styles are not updated when just starting with rake preview. Save one file from custom style settings:

vi sass/custom/_colors.scss
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