Future posts

Modifications in past posts

  • about tumblr and 500px - tumblr first, visit from phone, set as a wallpaper, replace image with large scale

Cheklist to do when updating

  • Alignment and styling of images sass/custom/_colors.scss and _styles.scss. When starts with rake preview for some reason it ignores these files. One of them needs to be touched for styles to propagate.
  • Feedburner RSS.
  • Favicon. Search with vimgrep for icon.png. Replace it in that file.
  • CC-by instead of Copyright.
  • Wiki, writings, projects.
  • Click categories. See that the links work and RSSes also work.


  • Github repo with posts
  • Github repo with old posts
  • source template in my-octopress


How to start on localhost

rake preview

How to see the list of rake tasks

rake list -T


alias bl='cd /home/dudarev/projects/blog/octopress_test/source/_posts'
gvim `ls -t | head -n 1`

To start editing on a new machine

  • follow instructions to install rvm https://rvm.beginrescueend.com/rvm/install/
  • follow instructions to install all Octopress dependancies http://octopress.org/docs/setup/
  • I needed to updated RedCloth in Gemfile.lock to 4.2.8

Removing line numbers in Octopress

Edit file



Custom styles are not updated when just starting with rake preview. Save one file from custom style settings:

vi sass/custom/_colors.scss