Draft notes

Notes about wikis

  • mention Kwik, give links
  • MoinMoin. Python wiki. MoinMoin2 is scheduled for release on "Maybe end of 2011". They started using Flask, started supporting multiple syntaxes (Creole, reST, still no Markdown). There are a few approaches to generate static pages (see MoinMoin2HTML).

  • [[]]

  • [[With Git and python|]]
  • We discussed projects development during on of the coffee-n-code meetings in Donetsk. [[Some links|]] related to wikis were dumped.

Lists of lists of static blog/website generators

My blog post at Habrahabr (in Russian)

[[Socrates|]] - blog engine on Python. Saw it at

[[Install virtualenv on Ubuntu|]]

sudo apt-get install python-virtualenv