Top Videos Now is an aggregator of most tweeted videos with keyboard shortcuts to conveniently browse through them.

We frequently do not read news online carefully but rather skim through them. The goal of this project is to provide such skimming interface for videos.

The idea to use keyboard for navigation within webpages was most prominently promoted by Ffffound, image bookmarking service. This kind of navigation is now effectively used by Big Picture, the world's most popular photo blog, BoingBoing, one of the first and still one of the most popular group blogs, and others. Google uses keyboard navigation in its services, Gmail and Reader, and, naturally, in Fast Flip, Google Labs product that allows to skim through news.

In Toptuby, in addition to typically used 'j' and 'k' keys that are used to jump from one element to the next, keys 'h' and 'l' are used to browse within video, and key 'p' is used to play and pause. Thus one may start downloading several videos and return to moments of interest just with keyboard shortcuts.

Future plans: Comment and document the video-browsing fork of the javascript library used (at the moment the library is kept non-compressed and may be studied via source browsing tools). Also, allow login with Twitter account to see videos linked from Twitter streams of interest (people one follows and/or Twitter lists).