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Renaissance of Documentaries

Lecture in Izolyatsia about street art.
Lecture about street art at Izolyatsia before screening of “Exit Through the Gift Shop”. Taken with Gowalla app.

It seem to me that, while movie industry is stagnating as a whole, documentaries are undergoing renaissance. Here is a list of recent documentary films that I found especially interesting/inspiring:

The first two films may be recommended for a wide audience, since they deal with issues that may be of interest to everybody: how mediocrity may succeed in the world of modern art and the roots of financial crisis. The other two will be especially interesting for people that have some ties with former Soviet Union. “Exporting Raymond” shows Russian work culture via the eyes of an American. “The Other Chelsea” is a film about two type of fans of Shakhtar, a soccer team from Donetsk–simple workers and very reach.

The descriptions may sound boring, but I was truly entertained better than while watching some good action movies or comedies.

On a related note

I am thinking about ways to make sharing of connections to things and concepts more systematic, similar to how Gowalla does with places and GetGlue with entertainment. So, instead of a list in a blog post, this could be something very different.

I am a bit dissatisfied with the fact that Facebook, Twitter and Google are pushing a framework of flow sharing on us. There must be other approaches to share information. Wikipedia articles are, for instance, are not so strongly connected to moments of times.

I believe, that everybody could have some kind of a personal wiki with posts about things that would remain relevant for longer periods of time, moreover such wiki posts could be interconnected.

Another thought: Twitter popularised short thoughts sharing by imposing limitations. Similarly, I am thinking about imposing some limitation on this wiki that would lead to easier sharing and better systematization.

More about the idea in later posts.