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Futility of Conflict

A huge iceberg near Qeqertarsuaq, Greenland. Photo by Jabi - El de verdad.

Just a few days after Google+ was launched DeWitt Clinton posted the image above and asked his audience to discuss.

I liked the most the comment by Aryeh Primus:

Clearly a statement about the futility of conflict – for as the second iceberg is forced under the first and will perish due to the greater thermal conduction of water vs air giving the righthand iceberg a longer life, both are doomed to melt in the long run. Or, to the optimist, just a brilliant photo.

DeWitt, probably, wanted to hint to many more features to come to Google+. At that time the service was flooded with clever animated GIF images making fun of Facebook and how much Goolge+ is better. Aryeh’s comment gives an interesting perspective of the “conflict” between two Internet giants and other conflicts in general.