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Powers of Vim

ADM-3A Keyboard
ADM-3A Keyboard Photo by Kent Chen.

Do you want to process words or edit text?

I use vim for more than 12 years, most of the time as my primary editor for text and code. This post is a summary of a short master class for Donetsk Coffee’n’code meeting in December 2013. More experienced vim users should probably go directly to the end to check collection of links.

Learn Django the Hard Way: 01. Hello, World!

Olympic Run 2012. Photo by Peter Glenday.

In April-June 2013, as part of learnpython.dn.ua initiative, I gave 10 master classes about web development with Django. This blog post starts a series of 10 blog posts with lecture notes from that course.

During the course we have built a photoplanet, an aggregator that allows to show most interesting photos from Instagram based on a hashtag. The source code and instruction for making it run on Heroku are available on Github. Follow these blog posts to see how to built such an app from scratch.